Urrban Nightscapes Of Hong Kong In Photographs By Nikolaus Gruenwald

Stunning urban nightscapes by Nikolaus Gruenwald, a talented photographer, and retoucher based in Stuttgart, Germany. Nikolaus focuses mainly on travel and street photography. He recently visited Hong Kong to capture spectacular urban landscapes.

“Tiny houses are everywher.. Even Hong Kong has them now! But seriously, this is a documentation about the part of Hong Kong that fascinates me the most: the blending of older houses from the early years, some 30 story buildings from the eighties and new modern financial buildings that can be found in Central and Sheung Wan. It’s obvious that the smaller houses won’t be there forever since space is precious, so I decided to document them as long as they are still there….”

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This Artist Creates Stupid NSFW Comics For People With A Dark Sense Of Humor

Rémi Lascault is a 32-year-old French artist who creates 4-panel comics for people with a dark sense of humor and has been drawing comics since he was a kid. The author says that it’s not the drawing that takes up most of the time when creating a comic, but rather coming up with the right “stupid joke” and twisting it in a not-so-stupid way.

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Limitless Boundaries Of The Human Body In Photographs By Cody Choi, Professional Dancer And Photographer

By Cody Choi, former Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake dancer & Ada Ooi formed in 2008, explores the human body and mind through different art media. Fearless in all kinds of creative expedition, the company collaborates with arts professionals around the world to experience the limitless boundaries of the human body.

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Gorgeous Female Portraits By The Miami Beach Photographer Mark Del Mar

Mark Del Mar is better known as Bleeblu, is a Miami Beach portrait photographer who travels too much. He also finds it very strange writing in third person.

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“Postcards From Google Earth”: This Artist Finds Strange Beauty in Google’s Apocalyptic Glitches

Clement Valla was born in 1971 and lives and works in Brooklyn. He has trained as both an architect and designer. Valla collects screen shots from Google Earth showing various places photographed by satellite (roads, bridges and dams). Some structures that are difficult for software to interpret, give a distorted impression, closely embracing the Earth’s surface.

“Postcards from Google Earth” presents a computerised adaptation of the world highlighting the programme’s digital errors. Festival Images is displaying this series at Place Scanavin, on platforms of different levels, from which festival goers can appreciate the vertigo and paradoxes that this computerised vision of our Earth’s surface offers.

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