Japanese Viral Cat Photos Remind Everyone Of The Nostalgic Charm Of Phone Boxes

Although the general consensus is that phone boxes are now obsolete, a cute cat can make anything a viral hit. h/t: grapee ずっと見てても飽きないんだコレ…。 pic.twitter.com/ekLNoEpnmV — ちゃちゃ (@chacha_nene_jp) April 11, 2019 Despite not often being used to actually call people anymore, the phone boxes in Japan, in their distinctive green, are the perfect prop for a retro photoshoot.

Artist Imagines Spilled Coffee As Monsters

Stefan Kuhnigk is a German illustrator and copywriter who works at an ad agency by day and turns coffee stains into monsters by night. Prompted by his love for coffee (and can we blame him?) and clumsiness, he created his first character during a boring meeting when he accidentally spilled a cup of coffee.