Superb Street Art By Dolk

Dolk‘s career began in 2003 and he has already risen to be considered a part of the international elite within the street art movement. Through the years, he has worked side-by-side with the best of his contemporaries and has painted in most of the large urban environments of Europe, Australia and the USA.

Dolk begins his process by identifying an idea, a personal insight, or a socio-political commentary and then develops the visual concept to the point that he can create a stencil. He makes numerous sketches, and then deconstructs the image to identify the different layers, of which stencils are then cut out of cardboard. Dolk explores the street environment to identify a façade that suits the image, returning at night to execute the work. The street art works have, by defi nition, an ephemeral quality. One doesn’t know when they will disappear from their setting, and many images have been painted over or defaced.

Alex Prager’s Hyperreal America In Photographs

Alex Prager Studio/Lehmann Maupin Gallery
Alex Prager is an American art photographer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Her photographs primarily use staged actors, models and extras to create “meticulously designed mise en scène”, often described as film-like and hyperreal. “Alex Prager: Silver Lake Drive” is at the Photographers’ Gallery, London, 15 June – 14 October 2018. Here: Crowd #3 (Pelican Beach), 2013.

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Meet The Playboy Bunnies Of The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

The World Cup Russia 2018 has started and everyone is celebrating. Playboy is celebrating too. The famous magazine for adults decided to carry out a special project to welcome the FIFA championship, featuring a team of bunny players. The Russian bunnies posed at Spartak’s Open Arena, both on the playfield and in the fan zone, demonstrating their powerful curves and stunning beauty.

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Colorful and Dreamlike Self-Portraits By Yolanda García

Gorgeous fine art self-portraits by Yolanda García, talented 27-year-old photographer, retoucher and artist based in Madrid, Spain. Yolanda focuses on portraiture, she shoots conceptual and playful self-portrait photography.

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Hawaii-Based Photographer And A Former Marine Makes Stunning Underwater NSFW Pictures

Musashi is a Hawaii-based photographer, born and raised on the Island of Guam. Joined the Marines and was stationed in Hawaii. Picked up a camera with his wife’s encouragement and the rest is history.

Musashi also has a strong background in wedding photography, outdoor family portraits, couples, kids, pets, maternity, underwater, product, and outdoor portraits.

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