Colorful Installations Of Spray Paint And Mesh Form Connections Between the Analog And Digital Worlds

Hanover and Berlin-based art duo Quintessenz recently completed a large-scale installation for the newly funded Paxos Contemporary Art Project, which is currently taking place on the island of Paxos in the Adriatic sea. Although designed to be appreciated and enjoyed in person, the images of their intervention created inside of a 400-year-old ruin are quickly becoming viral due to the work’s strong contrast against the historic setting.

The duo transform spaces into frameworks for presenting their abstract creations and challenging the spectator’s perception. These ideas are present in their recent installation Flickering Lights, which was was created for Fashion Week Berlin back in January 2018, and Pardis Perdus installed in Les Baux-de-Provence, France in 2017.

Lifelike Sculpted Figures And Immersive Monochrome Environments By Hans Op De Beeck

Belgian artist Hans Op de Beeck creates life-size figural sculptures and immersive environments from materials such as coated wood, polyester, and pigmented plaster. These chosen materials turn his constructed figures and installations into a uniform shade of matte gray, which makes the viewer feel as if the world around them has been zapped of color.

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Green Leaves Powered Writer’s Shed By Matt Gibson Architecture + Design

Tiny shed designed for a writer by Matt Gibson Architecture + Design, located in Melbourne, Australia.

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Marvelous NSFW Female Portrait Photography By Darren Ankenman

Photographer Darren Ankenman has been shooting since 2004. Ankenman has a kind of naturalistic, documentary-like perspective in his fine art images, and it’s no surprise after having shot numerous documentaries for a long (and eclectic) list of celebrated clients, such as The Black Crowes, Jewel, Mick Jagger, and Bill Clinton among many others.

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This Soviet Carpet Beach Towel!

Because let’s face it: no beach outing is really complete without one.

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“Eating in Virtual Reality”: This Restaurant In Japan Fuses Food With Art For A New Immersive Experience

Kim Kyung-Hoon/Reuters

Are you looking for a completely different dinner experience? This new restaurant near Yoyogi Park will most likely fit the bill: somewhat pompously described as a place ‘that will make your life more creative’, Tree by Naked promises a mishmash of virtual reality tech, projection mapping, lighting, music and, of course, a six-course dinner set to complete the tree-themed worldview.

Tree by Naked is the brainchild of Ryotaro Muramatsu, director of the design firm Naked Inc., which is known for its beautifully intricate digital mapping media work. The immersive experience takes place in a three-story building equipped with VR technology, projection mapping, lighting, music, and other artistic features on each floor. As visitors move through the building, they follow the “Scenes of Life” storyline in which a single tree grows from sprout to maturity.