The Photography Duo Blending Art, Beauty And LEGO

London-based photography duo Denelle and Tom Ellis of Peanut Factory Studio explore a child-like approach to beauty in a playful new editorial Lego my Ego.

“We were really just inspired by Lego and this feeling of letting go and being silly; inventing something new each time,” the pair explain. “We really wanted to create a beauty story that was not centered on vanity – sometimes acting like a kid is the best way to do that.”

More: Peanut Factory Studio, Instagram h/t: hungertv

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Photographer Teemu Jarvinen Captures The Night Around Asia And The World

Creative nightscapes by Teemu Jarvinen, a talented self-taught photographer, filmmaker, and urban explorer currently based in Singapore. Teemu focuses mainly on street photography. He shoots amazing architecture, urban, and nightscape photography.

“I lived and grew up in a small Finnish town for the first 19 years of my life, which might help explain why I’m particularly interested in shooting big city lights. Nowadays, while based in Dubai, I often spend months traveling and shooting around the world, particularly in Asia.”

More: Teemu Jarvinen, Instagram (h/t: photogrist)

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Sensual Self-Portrait Photography By Johanna Punz

Johanna Punz is a young Austrian photographer based in Vienna who’s studying social and cultural anthropology at the university in Vienna at the moment.

She has tried to put it into words how she feels about photography, but words can’t describe what it means to her. At least here’s a try:

“Photography for me is more than a hobby. To be honest, photography and modeling are the two things I feel confident in doing. I try to take my camera wherever I go so I can capture every moment, expression and feeling that inspires me. I also love to travel, explore new places and meet new people.”

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Guardian Readers’ Travel Photography Competition: July 2018 Winners

“Man Mo temple, Hong Kong, is small and unassuming, but this little pocket of quiet, five minutes from my apartment, is where I spent each morning of my trip, and has stuck with me since. Beautiful spot, I miss it”. (Photo by Nathaniel Jones/The Guardian)

“This was taken in Old Delhi, India, just as rain hit for the first time in a few weeks”. (Photo by Jake Davies/The Guardian)

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Cyberpunk, Neon And Futuristic Street Photos Of Seoul By Steve Roe

Creative cyberpunk nightscapes by Steve Roe, a talented photographer, digital art, and urban explorer currently based in the capital of South Korea. Steve mainly focuses on street photography. He explores the streets of Seoul to capture fantastic urban landscapes with dope colors and tones.

More: Steve Roe, Instagram h/t: photogrist

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