Cradled By Two Giant Hands, The ‘Golden Bridge’ In Vietnam Is Unlike Any Other


Two giant hands seem to suspend a golden pedestrian bridge which recently opened at the Bà Nà Hills mountain resort just outside of the city of Da Nang, Vietnam.

The 500-foot bridge rests in two outstretched palms which have been weathered with cracks and moss to give the appearance of age. While walking along the attraction visitors can look out over the sweeping mountains at a height of nearly 4,600 feet above sea level, and take in the beauty of the bright purple Lobelia Chrysanthemum flowers which dot the structure’s perimeter.

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Vintage Photos Of Lumberjacks Who Felled Big Trees Using Only Hand Tools In The Early 20th Century

It is difficult to imagine what the first loggers felt when they first saw the coastal redwoods. It takes a lot of moxie and muscle to down a three hundred foot high tree.

Lumberjacks, many of whom came from farms before heading to the woods to make money logging, took pride in the trees they cut and posed for pictures on massive stumps using the growing technology of photography. While the work was dangerous, the woodworkers also developed sports such as logrolling that are still practiced by outdoorsmen in competitions today.

Though the job of lumberjacks has since largely been mechanized, below are photos of lumberjacks from the turn of the last century as they looked to make their mark on America using only hand tools.


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Photographer Jack Daly’s Satirical ’80s Ads Challenge The Concept Of Masculinity

Masculinity is a concept as outdated as can be, and yet in 2018 it’s as prevalent as ever. Photographer Jack Daly has been surrounded and pressured by stereotypes forever, and finally he’s calling it out.

In a personal project entitled The Real Man Catalogue, Daly has pointed the finger at society and questioned what the phrase Real Man does to minorities, to young boys, to all men. A tongue-in-cheek collection of work, he was inspired by early 80s print ads, which he’d “been gorging over…they seemed like the perfect way to highlight how outdated these masculine stereotypes are”, he explained, “how ridiculous I think they are”. Tackling masculine conventions one satire at a time, the series challenges what we think it means to be male in today’s world.

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Lips And Beauty: Close-Up Photography By Nastia Cloutier-Ignatiev

Nastia Cloutier-Ignatiev is a young photographer based in Montreal. Her images mostly focus on girls.

“I like to say that my photography is about what is attractive in a girl, about her feelings and bad habits. In one word: It’s about badass girls.”

Her images confront the viewer in a very personal way, Nastia’s lens gets closer than it needs to be, and result is the kind of striking iconography that blends fashion, art and beauty photography all at once “I like to empower women because I find that often in fashion we look too often vulnerable, and I hate that.”

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Capturing Urban Spaces With Exploration Photographer David de Rueda

Step into the unknown with urban photographer David de Rueda. From ghost towns to abandoned buildings, David unearths and captures some of the more eerie forgotten places of the world – some of which might be closer to you than you think.

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Photos Show Chinese Factory Workers Making ‘Trump 2020’ Flags

Aly Song/Reuters

The president might like to tout his support for American workers, but those workers aren’t the only ones making flags for his Trump 2020 supporters. Photos released by Reuters on Wednesday show a Chinese factory making flags that suppliers will use to promote President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.

The factory has produced approximately 90,000 “Keep America Great!” flags.

Fuck Trump!

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