Spanish Photographer Carlota Guerrero Captures The Beauty Of Female Body In Art Nude Pictures

There are not enough words to describe how much I enjoy this account. The use of color, glitter, and fashion makes this profile a visual treat for those who appreciate nude photography and are trying to get some ideas for new shootings.

Carlota has a very creative side when it comes to modeling and conceptual photography. She uses a lot of natural elements and in some way, human connection (don’t forget to check out the group photos, they are amazing!). One of the things I like the most from this artist is that she uses both male and female models in the same way, making a very strong statement of gender equality that will restore your faith in humanity.

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Artist Pays Homage To Classic Video Games With Awesome Oil Paintings

Nikolay Lobzov is a Russian painter and digital artist based in Moscow who has been paying homage to games he loves with amazing oil on canvas paintings of classic titles like Halo, Half-Life 2 and Soul Calibur. From the texture of the paint to the contrast in the medium itself, these artworks are a fun and creative ‘fan art’ tribute to video games many of us grew up playing.

More: Artstation, Behance, DeviantArt h/t: twistedsifter

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The Japanese Mini Truck Garden Contest Is A Whole New Genre In Landscaping

The Kei Truck, or kei-tora for short, is a tiny but practical vehicle that originated in Japan. Although these days it’s widely used throughout Asia and other parts of the world, in Japan you’ll often see them used in the construction and agriculture industries as they can maneuver through small side streets and easily park. And in a more recent turn of events, apparently they’re also used as a canvas for gardening contests.

The Kei Truck Garden Contest is an annual event sponsored by the Japan Federation of Landscape Contractors. Numerous landscaping contractors from around Japan participate by arriving on site with their mini trucks and then spending several hours transforming the cargo bed into a garden

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Artist Janis Miltenberger Creates Incredibly Intricate Glasswork Inspired By Mythology

Glass artist Janis Miltenberger draws on the roles of mythology and storytelling as attempts to explain our experience of the world to build complex glass sculptures.

Her work often takes the shape of recognizable objects, like human figures and chairs, which are then filled with incredible detail. The artist uses borosilicate glass, and enhanced with glass colors, gold luster, sandblasting, and oil paint.

More: Janis Miltenberger h/t: colossal

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Futuristic Deserts In Andalucia By Al Mefer

Spanish photographer Al Mefer (previously) returns with a series as striking as ever.

«Deserts of the Future» presents several landscapes captured in Gorafe and Tabernas deserts in Andalusia. This time, he offers us to dive into spectacular and lunar sceneries.

«With it, I aim to muse over the ongoing desertification caused by climate change and overexploitation on Earth», says the artist, deploring in the meantime the urgency of the situation.

Indeed, these new photographs follows different previous series which also included surrealistic panoramas giving us the feeling that the end of the world is near.

«Generally, my work thinks about what the future will be like if the issues we’re currently facing keep growing without humans fighting against them.»

Splendid artworks raising people’s consciences with beauty.

Photographer Harry Conway’s Lens Is Pointed At The People Who Make Up The UK Underground Scene, Both At Shows And In Every Day Life

Away from the bright lights and photo pits of mainstream music photography, there are photographers out there turning their cameras away from the stage and onto the people around them. One such photographer is London’s Harry Conway.

Harry F Conway is a prominent photographer in England’s underground scene. From Hip Hop artists to your casual hometown drunk, this artist captures an array of subjects. He is not one to turn away from the raw realities in life, on the contrary, that is what entices this photographers eye.

Slightly NSFW.

More: Harry Conway, Instagram

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