How to design your website

There are many ways of how to design a website as there are platforms and software that can address this concern. In its early phase of website development, individuals work in teams to enable graphic web design, interface design, the use of proprietary software and search engine optimization. Today, due to the fast advancement in technology, web designing can be done by one person using a web design platform like, for instance.

A website is designed primarily to meet specific needs, such as that of online marketing, or addressing a particular need of a client and the purpose of communicating either a product, service or even a personality. Some websites are built for advocacy such as advocating for environmental preservation. The technology of web designing cuts across many disciplines, scientific orientations, and computer-based procedures.

Today’s technology allows the individual to design a website using a platform. At, for example, one can have a website for free under its domain with unlimited free sites, 5 GB monthly bandwidth, and store one product per site with 24/7 support. The platform will handle all the necessary design requirements. All that the designer would have to do is to prepare the data needed by the website.

In the modern technology of web designing, one can make a desired layout and background, and add sections. The platform and built-in software handle the use of specialized computer languages, formats, and technology protocols like HTML, Flash using animated GIFs and JavaScript for motion graphics and widgets, including the application of a static web page using static content or through a dynamic web page using a document database and content management systems.

At, for example, one can create three sites, and link to an unlimited number of free sites, with unlimited bandwidth, free domain, including 300 products per site on a simple store with multiple pages. The strikingly app store has free action buttons, embedded HTML/CSS/JavaScript, password protect, site search, full font library, and 24/7 support. The web designer can also invite collaborators.

In personal website design, one can have a Summary of the user’s personality, including Experience, Education, References, Contact Me, Let’s Chat with external links to social media like Facebook and Twitter. One can advertise one’s skills and products with images and add buttons with just one click. The user can have an array of embedded images you can use for your header.

The site can be upgraded to a Pro on a 14-day risk-free trial with 3 Pro sites, unlimited free websites, unlimited bandwidth, free domain, 300 products per place on a simple store, multiple pages,
Strikingly app store, free action buttons, embedded HTML/CSS/JavaScript, password protect, site search, invite collaborators, full font library, and 24/7 support. This upgrade costs $16 per month.

A successful website design leads to a naturally attractive following that attracts viewers and visitors to the site. The number of hits a site is visited or volume of traffic created determines the rate of success. The higher the number of visitors or traffic to the site, the more successful the website becomes.

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