How to start web design

One viable way of starting a web design is of course to take a look at the various websites on the internet. Visit as many sites that you can to get an impression of how these sites are designed. Web design goals vary depending on the needs of the client and the purpose of communicating either a product, service or even a personality. You can take note of the many layout designs for your website to optimize the design you have created, and maximize the flow of information from the site to the reader.

The purpose is to increase the likeability of the design of your website to enable you to sell yourself, your skills, and your products efficiently to the outside world. The technology is being provided to you by the website platform. Next is you need to what details would be included in the site that you plan to design. Web design uses some specialized computer languages, formats and technology protocols like HTML, Flash using animated GIFs and JavaScript for motion graphics and widgets.

See if you know these languages required in the design of a website. If not, you need to hire or connect with someone who has experience in the application of computer languages. The technology of web designing also cuts across many disciplines, scientific orientations, and computer-based procedures, so that a basic knowledge of computer operation is a must.

But because of the fast advancement in technology, web designing can be done by one person using a web design platform like, Wix, BoldGrid, Weebly, Shopify, Squarespace, and iPage Website Builder to name a few. These platforms enable one without or little experience in site design to design and build a competitive site. Web design is primarily used for marketing and communication, either by way of a static web page using static content or through a dynamic web page using a document database and content management systems.

At, designers use its templates in the making of a personal website. The model includes some information categories such as a Summary of someone’s personality, including Experience, Education, References, Contact Me, and Let’s Chat with external links to social media like Facebook and Twitter. One can advertise one’s skills and products with images and add buttons with just one click. Or a designer can have an array of embedded images for the header.

The designer must make sure detailed data of what is required in the personal website as mentioned above, including work experience and education, are available and should be ready as an electronic file.

There are specific decision points that need to be resolved in starting a web design. These include: selling products online and create a payment account to receive payment from customers. Would a PayPal account be embedded in the site?, Would a new PayPal account be linked to a branded email address? At, for example, a designer can create three locations, and link to an unlimited number of free sites, with unlimited bandwidth, free domain, including 300 products per site on a simple store with multiple pages.

The web designer must be able to express his creativity in templates and plugins in such a way that the marketing and communication goals of the client or site owner are maximized and creatively displayed.

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