“Creatures Of The Cold”: Spectacular Winning Photos Of The The Annual Antarctic Photography Exhibition

The annual Antarctic photography exhibition, which is part of Hobart’s Antarctica festival is back on with its chilly, majestic imagery. The winner this year is Sydney’s Sam Edmonds with his striking photo of a gentoo penguin in the snow.

Gentoo by Sam Edmonds was the winner of the competition. (Photo by Sam Edmonds/The Guardian)

Adelie dive. (Photo by Ella Clausius/The Guardian)

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Sculptor Martin Davenhall Makes A Life-Size Polar Bear Sculpture Entirely Made Of Stone!

According to Martin Davenhall: “The bear itself is one of a kind. The very first to have been made in this way. It is made from thousands of shards of granite and engineered stone, individually cut and polished by hand. Then glued together. It is a very time-consuming process. And difficult, especially in the winter as the stone is always cold and you need water to polish the pieces. The glue would take forever to dry and I would need to hold the piece in place for up to twenty minutes.

The result is impressive as it meant I could achieve the shading which could not have been possible if I had made it out of one piece. It is eight foot tall and 2 ton, held together with a metal and stone structure and has an aerospace grade carbon fiber inner shell. The table was made to look like it is suspended as if the bear holds it in place.

Miniature Paper Cut Scenes By David Allen Reeves

“Ash!: Almost in time for Halloween.. Er, Thanksgiving? YES. Anyways, big news about this piece! It’s featured in Gallery 1988’s group show Crazy 4 Cult in December out in LA! I’m really excited, flattered, and honored to be a part of it.”

Rhode Island native photographer and artistDavid Allen Reeves has loved comic books, movies about cowboys, ninjas, zombie hunters since childhood. He even dreamed of becoming a filmmaker. But despite the fact that his life had turned out differently, indicating a completely different career, the young man was able to realize his childhood dream, having created his favorite paper characters.

Such a miniature home theater looks very realistic. One gets the impression that the paper-cut silhouettes are real, live, and because the action takes place at sunset, we only see the stage drama.

Earth From Above: Stunning Drone Photography By Demas Rusli

Outstanding aerial photos by Demas Rusli, a full-time architectural designer, hobbyist photographer, and digital artist from Jakarta, Indonesia who currently lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

More: Instagram

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Stunning Cyberpunk And Futuristic Street Photography By Adrian Martinez

Vibrant street photos by Adrian Martinez, a classical guitarist and self-taught photographer currently based between Los Angeles and Tokyo. Adrian focuses mainly on street photography. He shoots futuristic and neon colored urban, portrait, and architecture photography.

More: Instagram h/t: photogrist

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An Aerial View Of The 90-Meter-Long Puffer Fish Tower In East China

Glittering in the sunlight, the giant golden puffer fish tower has become a local landmark in Zhenjiang, east China’s Jiangsu Province. This giant tower was built to enhance awareness and protect the ecological resources in the Yangtze River Basin.

Designed by the Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tongji University, the floating puffer fish is reportedly the world’s largest, measuring 90 meters long, 40 meters wide and 62 meters tall, and weighing around 2,100 tons. The golden and glittering coat of the puffer fish is spliced with more than 7,000 pieces of brass metal of varying shapes.

According to a local report, the puffer fish tower is being submitted for entry to the Guinness World Records due to its giant size.

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