Meet World’s Most Versatile Cosplayer: Young Russian Chameleon Ilona Bugaeva

Based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Ilona Bugaeva is the World’s Most Versatile Cosplayer. Is there any character the Russian chameleon Ilona, who also goes by Sladkoslava, can’t portray? We especially like her Elizbeth Bioshock portrayal.

Born February 7th, 1999, Ilona has been a dedicated cosplayer for several years now and we look forward to her future impressions!

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“Naked City”: Lost in Shanghai With Photographer Liu Tao

The famed Chinese street photographer trains his lens on the bored and the dispossessed in his rambles through city streets challenged by the relentless march of progress.

This 2014 series Shanghai Tian Wa saw Chinese photographer Liu Tao train his lens on two distinct districts in Shanghai. Here: “Shanghai Tian Wai №11, 2014”. (Photo by Liu Tao/The Guardian)

h/t: theguardian

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Gorgeous NSFW Female Portrait Photography by Álvaro Rodríguez Navarro

Awesome portraits by Álvaro Rodríguez Navarro, talented 24-year-old self-taught photographer, retoucher and artist based in Ciudad-Rodrigo, Castilla y León, Spain. Álvaro focuses on portraiture, he shoots a lot of beauty, lifestyle, nude and street portrait photography.

More: Álvaro Rodríguez Navarro, Instagram, Facebook h/t: photogrist

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Artist Scott Listfield Paints Post-Apocalyptic Scenes Of The Bay Area

Massachusetts-based visual artist Scott Listfield is the subject of a new exhibition at Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco, California. Entitled “ALGORITHM,” Listfield creates a new batch of paintings that spotlight his ubiquitous astronaut traversing through post-apocalyptic environments of the Bay Area as per Arrested Motion. Accompanying the spaceman are dilapidated drones, autonomous cars in ruin, and drones surveilling the Bay Area.

Throughout the series, the artist challenges mankind’s dependency on technology. He expressed to the publication: “Just because we can do something, does that mean we should? What is technology without the human component? What kind of problems are we solving?”

Moe info: Instagram h/t: hypebeast

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Soviet Fashion: Style Pages From 1980s U.S.S.R.

Were Soviet women dressed in drab, utilitarian garb – not according to their fashion magazines.

I recently came across some Soviet fashion magazines from 1987-1989 and thought I’d share. Like most Americans, during the Cold War, I pictured all Soviet women as homely and hardened by their harsh life, dressed in drab utilitarian garb. As these pages prove, that was far from the case – and certainly not in the last years before the break up. What we find are fashions not so different to a JC Penney catalog of the same period. Let’s have a look…

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Gorgeous Photos Make Star Wars Toys Look Like Real, Life-Sized Ships

Manufacturers of toys all over the world should be advertising their products with photos like these. Photographer Vesa Lehtimäki is responsible for these beauties; he’s been photographing his kid’s toys over the years and he makes shots that look like they belong in movies. His images of the various vehicles of Star Wars are especially impressive.

More info: Flickr

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