Photographer Visited Bolivia’s Graveyard Of Trains

David Mercado/Reuters

It’s a cemetery for trains, for locomotives (previously). And it’s so big that it looks as though all of the trains in South America were moved to Uyuni, Bolivia, to chug their last chug.

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Illustrator Pascal Blanché Is Building A Stunning Sci-Fi Universe

With a richly mesmerizing style of illustration reminiscent of science fiction’s artful past, the work of Pascal Blanche brings character, color, light and environment together, transporting you into beautiful worlds you just want more of.

He masterfully grabs gradients of color, wrapping in shadows and texture to bring the form to life, using KeyShot to make it happen from framing the work and dialing in the lighting to rendering the scene. We couldn’t wait to find out more from Pascal about his career and creating these wonderful illustrations.

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The Realistic NSFW 3D Character Art By Hood Saladine

From Lara Croft, The Witcher and The Last Of Us to Red Sonja and Game of Thrones – meet Hood Saladine, a 3D digital artist based in Borneo, Indonesia.

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The Robot Next Door: Playful And Visionary Series By Nicolas Bigot, Niko Photographisme

Nicolas Bigot, aka ‘Niko Photographisme’, is a French photographer and digital artist who creates humorous and surreal images with a touch of credibility. We feature here a playful but also visionary series titled ‘The Robot Next Door’. He says ‘We live in a world of appearances. In the real life and the digital world. We play roles, characters. But appearances are often false or deceptive.’

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Engineers And Architects Create A Carbon Neutral Modular Hotel Made From Concrete Pods

Engineers from WSP are working with architects at Innovation Imperative to create a carbon neutral modular hotel made from groups of concrete pods.

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Created by engineering firm WSP’s new in-house design studio and David Ajasa-Adekunle’s architecture practice, the project called Tetra Hotel is currently at proof-of-concept stage.