Photographer Harry Conway’s Lens Is Pointed At The People Who Make Up The UK Underground Scene, Both At Shows And In Every Day Life

Away from the bright lights and photo pits of mainstream music photography, there are photographers out there turning their cameras away from the stage and onto the people around them. One such photographer is London’s Harry Conway.

Harry F Conway is a prominent photographer in England’s underground scene. From Hip Hop artists to your casual hometown drunk, this artist captures an array of subjects. He is not one to turn away from the raw realities in life, on the contrary, that is what entices this photographers eye.

Slightly NSFW.

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Hardcore & Whimsy: The Superb NSFW Illustrations Of Keith P. Rein

Artist Keith P. Rein manipulates the viewers expectations of sex and nudity. Some of his compositions could be pornographic. Women with mouths full, faces glazed in bliss. But instead of the expected — in their face is a hotdog. An ice cream cone.

His beautiful ladies bold, colored with the patina of summer cheer. What you find in Rein’s work are delightful fables of summer barbecues and candy treats. Sex is implied, of course — the hardcore sort. But there is a playfulness to it all, a healthy dose of whimsy and humor that keeps the viewer smiling.

Keith P. Rein is an artist out of Athens, GA and with his work through the P is for penis he’s stepped into the territory of R. Crumb, wonderfully obsessed with the female form, dousing it in food and candy. His digitally painted pieces are sugar-coated drops of eroticism.

More: Keith P. Rein, Instagram, Facebook h/t: eviltender

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Darkness To Light: The Moody And Bluish Photo Artworks Of Albin Sjödin

Albin Sjödin’s Instagram account takes us into the photographer’s imaginary world. His dark and bluish pictures play with reality, staging lonely and bewitching characters.

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When Dize Does Matter – Bestiarum Vocabulum: Last Of The Earth’s Giants

Patrick Aryee is a biologist. After studying Cancer Biology at the University of Bristol, Patrick decided to pursue a career in wildlife filmmaking and was an integral crew member for a number of BBC productions. Now, Patrick Aryee’s gets up close and personal with some of the world’s biggest creatures in his new three-part series. Episode one airs on Sky1, Wednesday 13 June, 9pm.

The Amphimachairodus, an early member of the cat family, was 1.3m in length and weighed an estimated 490kg. (Photo by Sky TV/The Guardian)

h/t: theguardian

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Extremely Shortened Versions of Classic Books For Lazy People

Illustrator John Atkinson (previously here and here) has been working hard lately to help you save a lot of time. Thanks to his latest creation you can now read ultra-condensed classic books!

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