Taiwanese Artist Lives Large Dreams In Miniature Models

A Taiwanese artist, Hank Cheng has been creating remarkably realistic miniature models influenced by his life, gaining popularity on social media.

Cheng’s first miniature model, created over three years ago, was based on a restaurant he used to visit while studying in Japan. Cheng, an interior designer by profession, is since trying to push his boundaries by creating tinier models. He has participated in several international competitions with his creations but he feels the most important reward for him is the process of making and appreciating his artworks.

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Glamour And Art Nude Photography By The Belarusian Photographer Juri Sergeyev

Meet Juri Sergeyev, professional nude photographer from Minsk, Belarus. Slightly NSFW.

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Creepy And Dark Photography Of Nona Limmen, Covered With Goth, Fantasy And Metamorphosis

“Ordinary life does not interest me,” Amsterdam-based photographer Nona Limmen says. She prefers to operate beyond reality, in liminal spaces like memories, dreams, and fantasies.

These are “alike in that they are beyond our grasp,” she explains. “It’s the beauty of the unattainable, the quality of the miraculous.” In her photographs, they all come together to create images that are alluring.

This particular piece is called “Metamorphosis“ comes with its own story that starts, “She murmured a few words in an old, ancient tongue that only she and the animals understood. The forest critters answered. Like a moth to a flame serpents of all kinds gathered around her, caressing her pale body with their scaly coal coloured skin.”

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Twisted & Satirical Pop Culture Characters By Dan LuVisi

“A creepy trip down memory lane” …may be the best way to describe the “Popped Culture” series by LA-based concept artist Dan LuVisi where he features the most beloved characters from our childhood, in some unlikely, gruesome, and violent settings.

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Offensive Plates To Insult Your Guests With Class

Featured below is a selection of rude plates from TackyAndOffensive Etsy user that will help you to properly insult your guests.

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Turkish Photograher Gül Yıldız Captures Minimal And Atmospheric Black And White Urban Scenes

Gül Yıldız was born in Usak, Turkey. She graduated from Ankara University with an engineering degree. Afterwards she had a degree for photography and videography from Anadolu University as well.

During her career as a photographer she attended several national and international competitions and participated in exhibitions and festivals related with photography and gave seminars in different parts of Turkey. During 2015, she awarded with an AFIAP (Artiste Federation Internationale de L’ Art Photographique) degree from International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP).

As a professional photographer, she works as an instructor at Fujifilm and provides training for private lessons and for companies. She travels frequently for photography projects all over the world.

Recently, she is working on a book about composition in photography and street photography which will be published in 2017.