These Chinese Sex Robots Are Equipped With Artificial Intelligence

Shenzhen Atall Intelligent Robot Technology is one of China’s leading companies for robots equipped with AI (artificial intelligence). Among the company’s various AI robot products, its best-selling is an AI sex robot named Emma.

The multi-functional machine is linked to the internet and Android operating system and features high stimulation capabilities. Sex robots have soft and elastic skin made of modified thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) material, with less oil content and no smell. Its temperature adjustment is set to 37 C to resemble a human’s. Safety issues are managed with anti-electric shock, anti-fire and anti-explosion measures. And the addition of body sensors help make sex robots feel more like a human.

But a semblance of authenticity doesn’t come cheap, and Emma’s online retail price is about 20,000 RMB ($3,136) with most customers being men aged 40-50. Most clients are from Europe and the United States.

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